Combo machine HP-BTM

Perfect solution for the Mining Industry

The HP-BTM is a combined machine for crushing, splitting and grinding of coarse ores, drill cores, minerals and similar materials. Due to its extremely robust construction the HP-BTM is well suitable for operation in a harsh environment. The compact design allows the installation of the machine also in small compartments.

The sample input weight is between 1 to 15 kg, the maximum input particle size is 50 mm. The general application of the HP-BTM is particle size reduction and subsampling in order to obtain a representative sample for final analysis with, e.g., X-ray fluorescence.

Modular design

The machine basically consists of two individual working units:

  • A crusher/ splitter unit
  • A pulverizing unit

The crusher/splitter unit is equipped with a manual sample input for coarse material and a weighing unit. The material is transported by a lift into the internal in-feed position to the jaw crusher. After crushing, the material is split using a linear splitting device. A vibration feeder ensures a constant material flow into the subsequent splitter unit. Based on the weight of the input material the desired splitting ratio of sample and residue material is automatically calculated. Therefore, the HP-BTM will always provide the desired absolute sample weight independent from the input weight. The design of the splitter and the control algorithm are according to relevant ISO standards.

The pulverizing unit includes a takeover device from the splitter to the mill. The sample material is weighed before and after pulverizing. Following grinding the sample cup is transported to the output conveyor belt.

After each preparation cycle the system is cleaned by compressed air. The machine is totally enclosed, sound isolated and requires a minimum of operator’s time and maintenance.

Easy to expand

Due to the modular design the machine is easily extendable. Accordingly, a second pulverizing mill can be integrated to increase the sample throughput (HP-BTM2). In this case the sample cups within the pulverizing unit are transported using a swivel-mounted two axis handling system with a robot gripper (HR-RX3). Furthermore, an input magazine for buckets and a dosing unit for discharge of the pulverized material into smaller cups or vials can be included.

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