Expansion of a laboratory automation for a steel plant in China

In 2005 HERZOG installed a laboratory automation including 26 air tube lines for 1500 iron, steel and slag samples for a steel plant in Shanghai, China. Now the laboratory was expanded for preparation of 300 additional cylindrical samples for OES and gas analysis.
The new automation encompasses two HS-CF machines for cutting and milling, two automatic punching machines HUST and four air tube receiving machines. Red-hot samples with a temperature of 900°C are received, unpacked and forwarded to the HS-CF by the robot. Within the HS-CF one slice is cut and transported to the HUST where pieces are punched for C/S and N/O/H-gas analysis. The remaining cut piece is cooled down to 35°C and milled for OES analysis.
The entire process is completely automated under control of HERZOG Prepmaster software. The production process requires extremely short timing with a preparation time less than 100 seconds from sample receipt in the laboratory to OES analysis.



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