New Automation for Australian Iron Ore Mine

This new system is designed for a sample throughput of 550 plant and pit iron ore samples to be crushed and split by the HERZOG crusher/splitter combination HP-WCSA (Hier bitte Verlinkung auf die Maschine). Furthermore, approximately 100 geological samples are processed by the HERZOG combo machine HP-BT (Verlinkung auf Maschine HP-BTM) for single sample input. Waste material can be immediately discharged from the HP-BT and bagged for further analytical assessment or archiving.

The crushed material is forwarded from the HP-WCSA and the HP-BT to the pulverizing circle with a central robot feeding four HP-M1500 (Verlinkung) pulverizing mills. Afterwards, the pulverized sample is transported to the HAG-8-HF system (Verlinkung) for automatic fusion and XRF analysis.



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