The compact and reliable plant station- the solution for representative sampling and automatic transport

Area of application

Receipt and opening of pneumatic carrier in the laboratory, unpacking and providing within a cup, reclosing of carrier and sending to the plant station

Powder and granular samples (slag and other, feed size max. < 5 mm)

Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, linear automation, robot automation


Specially designed for automatic sample transport
The fully automatic HR-LA laboratory station is designed for the automatic receiving and opening of pneumatic dispatch capsules and discharge of the sample material contained in them into a hose proportioning facility. The capsule is then closed again and returned to the dispatch station in the plant. The station can handle granular and powder material. During emptying of the capsule, the discharge funnel is sealed in order to prevent the egress of dust. The funnel and the discharge hose facility are then cleaned automatically by blasting jets in order to prevent subsequent samples from being contaminated. If required sample material can be dosed into a recovery sample magazine for obtaining an average sample (option).

Easy integration due to modular design
The HR-LA can be integrated into the modular system of HP-CA (automatic jaw-breaker), HP-MA (automatic vibration grinding mill) and HP-PA (automatic tablet press).The sample material proportioned into a sample cup is transported by the integral conveyor belt to the downstream modules (e.g. HP-MA, HP-PA, HP-CA).

Flexible operation
The automatic process is controlled by a programmable logic controller. An operator panel permits manual operation and specification of station parameters. For manual operation, the HR-LA is well accessible by a door with safety lock on the left side of the machine. By this access, pneumatic carriers can be removed or introduced.

Easy maintainability
The HR-LA laboratory station is designed for industrial use and requires a minimum of service. It is accessible through side doors for internal maintenance and repair work.


  • Recovery sample magazine (10 bottles, 3 l each)
  • Recovery sample magazine (2 bottles, 5 l each)
  • Turn table magazine (6 positions)