TP 20 E

The benchtop solution for sample preparation- perfect pellets at the press of a button

Area of application

Preparation of pellets in steel rings (40 or 51. 5 mm diameter), aluminium cups or free pressing for x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

Different materials, raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxidic material, ferroalloys (feed size 100µm)

Operation mode


Efficient pellet preparation
The TP 20 E is the bench-top laboratory press for easier and more efficient preparation of pressed pellets for XRF analysis. The semiautomatic TP 20 E produces perfect pellets at the press of a button.

Improved operator comfort – Increased efficiency
The pressure is built up automatically using a hydraulic aggregate instead of a hand pump. This means a significant reduced physical workload, more comfortable working conditions and efficiency enhancement for the operator.

Easy to use – Safe to handle
The sample material is filled into the press tool manually. The operator inserts the press tool in the machine and closes the safety input/output flap. The machine will not start until the flap is closed.
By pushing the ‘start’ button, the piston moves out until it achieves its maximum pressure force of 200 kN and the motor stops. The hydraulic system keeps the pressure until the operator pushes the ‘stop’ button to let the piston move backwards.
For safety reasons, it is not possible to open the input/output flap during the complete process. The flap is released as soon as the piston is retracted completely. Then the press tool with the pressed pellet can be removed and the machine is ready for the next sample.


  • Press tool 40 mm diameter for free pressing
  • Press tool 40 mm in aluminium cups
  • Press tool 40 mm for pressing in steel rings
  • Press tool 51.5 mm for pressing in steel rings