Short grinding time – Long service life

The HP-MA is suitable for grinding a wide variety of minerals such as cement raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxydes and ferro-alloys. The high RPM of the drive motor guarantees a short grinding time even for hard materials. The robust construction with, e.g., dual bearing support for the eccentric shaft ensure long service lives.

Effective avoidance of cross contamination

After pulverizing the grinding vessel is automatically emptied and the ground material is made available at the discharge point. Three automatic cleaning features namely compressed air, sand cleaning (option) and wet cleaning (option) allow a sufficient material removal. Using the different cleaning functions, cross contamination can be reduced to a low ppmlevel. Furthermore, spoon sampling (option) during the material input provides the possibility to pre-contaminate the grinding with the subsequent sample.

Flexible Configuration

The HP-MA can be used as a stand-alone machine, with 30 or 60 position magazines, and in combination with the pellet press HP-PA or other components. Due to the modular design of the machine different and completely flexible configuration set-ups are possible.


  • Loading magazine with 30 or 60 cups
  • Wet cleaning device
  • Sand cleaning device
  • Cooling device for grinding vessel
  • Blank sample dosing device
  • Grinding vessel tungsten carbide
  • Grinding vessel chrome steel
  • Cleaning device for transport cups
  • Magnetic separator for extracting metallic particles from the sample

Perfect quality of the pressed pellet

The HP-PA produces high quality pressed pellets with a smooth surface necessary for an optimal XRF results. The HP-PA achieves the desired uniformity and density of each individual pressed pellet with a maximum of reproducibility.

Program-controlled pelletizing for high reproducibility and throughput

All parameters necessary for the pelletizing process such as total pressing force, incremental increase and decrease of pressing force and pressure holding time can be preset. They are clearly presented on the HMI control panel and can be easily adjusted. Due to the program-controlled automatic sequence every sample is processed identically and is not subject to human error. Furthermore, the automatic sample operation guarantees a high sample throughput whenever required.

Various options

In the standard version of the press, the counter-pressure plate is cleaned with a brush rotating in alternate directions. As an option a Mylar film device effectively prevents material particles from becoming fixed to the counter-pressure plate. The HP-PA can be fitted with magazines for sample cups, steel rings and pressed pellets.

Further Options

  • Cleaning device for cups
  • Loading magazine with 30 or 60 sample cups
  • Chute output magazine for 30 or 60 empty cups
  • Magazine for steel rings, 30 positions
  • Magazine for steel rings, 2 x 30 positions
  • Double dosing device
  • Transport mechanism for Mylarfilm
  • Magazine for pressed pellets, 30 positions
  • Magazine for pressed pellets, 2 x 30 positions