The compact all-in-one solution for automatic grinding and pellet preparation- for cement and many other applications

Area of application

Fine grinding and preparation of pellets in steel rings (40 or 51. 5 mm diameter) for x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

Different materials, raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxidic material, ferroalloys (feed size 5 mm)

Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, standalone with magazine, linear automation, robot automation


Excellence in grinding and pelletizing
The grinding process can be optimally controlled and adapted by using variable rotational speed. The high RPM of the drive motor guarantee short grinding processes even with hard materials. The hydraulic systems allow a well-controlled and precise pressure build-up and (pressure) reduction for a production of reproducible pellets under optimal conditions.

Safe and user-friendly
The HP MP is hermetically sealed and sound insulated. Safety circuits provide protection for the operating personnel. The safety hood enables easy access for operation and maintenance. Dust is collected by an external dust extraction device which can also be supplied as an option.

Easy to use and flexible
The integrated Simatic S7 PLC control system guarantees error-free, automatic preparation of the widest possible variety of samples. Up to 8 parameter-definable preparation programs can be stored and password- protected. The operation steps: sample dosing adding of grinding and pressing additives in pellet form, grinding time and pelletizing parameters can be set as program parameters at the control panel. The operation steps for grinding and pressing can be separately selected. This allows a purposeful and selective processing of different sample types.

The system is designed to allow the integration into automatic sample preparation systems with the use of special designed automation components like conveyor belts, cleaning and magazine systems for steel rings. Standard Interfaces are available to connect the machine to most of the automated XRF instruments. Further automation concepts like the link to automated powder sampling and sample transport systems are available.

Flexibility in grinding vessel and pressing tool
Grinding vessels made out of hardened tool steel or made out of tungsten carbide can alternatively be used. Press tools for the operation with standard 51mm or 40mm diameter steel rings are available for this machine. The Machine is self-cleaning after each sample preparation cycle. All parts of the machine in contact with sample material are automatically cleaned by compressed air or brushes.


  • Input magazine (20 cups)
  • Ring cleaning device