TP 40/2d, TP 60/2d

The economic solution for pellet preparation- proven technology at the highest quality standard

Area of application

Preparation of pellets od different diameters in steel rings (40 or 51. 5 mm diameter), aluminium cups or free pressing for x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

Different materials, raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxidic material, ferroalloys (feed size 100µm)

Operation mode


Preparation of pellets with various diameters
By means of this manually operated hydraulic pelletizing press, it is possible to produce very easy tablets with different diameters (depending on the spectrometer). For this purpose, a special press tool with the corresponding diameter is inserted into the press and can be filled upon moving back the upper cross beam. The press tool is delivered as a special accessory.

Economic solution
Due to its low level investment and maintenance costs as well as the long service life, the TP is the perfect solution for the economic operation of your laboratory.

Easy handling
The hydraulic pump is operated by the handle. The direction of motion of the press piston can be reserved by changing over the valve. The threaded spindle is intended for counter piece of the pressure absorption and for the reduction of the idling stroke.


  • Press tool 40 mm diameter for free pressing
  • Press tool 40 mm in aluminium cups
  • Press tool 40 mm for pressing in steel rings
  • Press tool 51.5 mm for pressing in steel rings
  • Ring cleaning device (manual)
  • Ring cleaning device (pneumatic)