The integrated solution for automatic cutting and milling- Compact and efficient sample preparation for the steel industry

Area of application

Cutting and/ or milling of cylindrical or conical steel, pig iron samples for OES, XRF, combustion analysis and other analytical procedures

Cylindrical and conical steel, pig iron samples, diameter up to 40 mm (cutting and/or milling), steel and pig iron samples, diameter up to 50 mm, round or with parallel surfaces (only milling)

Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, linear automation, robot automation


Preparation of various sample types
The HS-CF is the ideal machine for the fully automatic processing of cylindrical and conical steel and iron samples. A wide variety of sample shapes can be processed including round and angular samples as well as samples with and without mounting pin. Moreover, it is possible to process other sample shapes by arrangement. The only prerequisite here is that the sample must have two parallel lateral surfaces. These are required in order to fix it firmly in the clamping device. The HS-CF can handle all types of cast steel with different ranges of hardness.

Flexible sample preparation
According to sample type and analysis procedure, different preparation steps can be selected. Samples can be cut with one or two separating cuts. One possibility is to cut off a sample for the OES. The other possibility involves the extraction of a slice of varying thickness between 4 to6 mm. At a later stage, it is possible to punch samples (e.g. with the HUST) from this slice for the CNS analysis. The milling head is pre-selected to suit the quality of the steel. Single and multiple milling of samples is available with infinitely adjustable feed rate, in-feed and rotational speed. Cooling is possible after each preparation step.

Designed for manual and automatic operation
The input of samples can either be manual by the operator or automatic by a robot or via conveyor belts. Alternatively, a variety of input magazines are also available. These magazines allow input of samples to be cut before milling or which do not require any cutting.
In automatic mode, the samples can be fed directly into the machine by the robot. The cut slice, as well as the milled sample, are released automatically from the machine and can be further processed. The cut slice can, for example, be transferred automatically to the HUST in order to punch samples for CNSanalysis.

Optimal milling
Two independently operated precision milling spindles can be fitted with milling cutters for various material grades. Thus there is no need to exchange tools when changing from steel to iron and vice versa. The extremely sturdy spindle bearings permit safe, sustained processing of even the hardest material grades.

Optimal cutting
The intelligent servo motor torque control guarantees particularly effective material cutting. The sturdy cutting disc drive in conjunction with the HERZOG high capacity cutting disc guarantees top speed with maximum surface quality.


  • Input and output belts (e.g. for connection to punching device)
  • Deburring tool for round samples
  • Chip capture unit (CCU) for combustion analysis
  • Pneumatic transport system for chips with collecting magazine