Universal, reliable, easy to use

It can be used for all standard sample geometries such as round and oval samples or double medallions.

Thanks to its extremely robust construction the pneumatic pin cutter is not only the right choice for laboratory use: it can also be used where the samples are taken – under tough conditions on-site. 

Precise and safe

The pneumatic action cuts off the sprue quickly, easily and without force, directly at the body of the sample. The cutting action is performed with constant precision and is so accurate that no reworking is required. 

The machine is fully enclosed. There is no possibility of the sprues flying off as they are cut off. Personnell are therefore protected from injury and can work in complete safety. 

The sprues which have been cut off are collected within the machine housing in a collecting drawer, removal of which is straightforward.

The design of the machines correspond to the current German accident prevention and VDE regulations. We reserve the right to make technical changes.