Piston sampler HR-PN

The proven standard solution for powder sampling from the production process

Area of application

Sampling of powder material from vertical or inclined drop chutes

Powder (cement and other, feed size max. < 200 µm)

Operation mode
Automatic, manual


Standard in cement and other material types
The HR-PN piston sampler is designed for the sampling of powder and fine-grain material from vertical or inclined drop shafts. A pneumatic operated sampling piston is moved into the material flow and retrieves a precise sample quantity defined by the volume of the piston. The sample is transported by tube systems or vibratory chutes to the downstream components.

Flexible at use
Usually, the sampler HR-PN is linked to the plant station HR-BM. Here, the sample can be collected within the mixer. Alternatively, the material can be filled directly into a pneumatic carrier or cup for transportation into the laboratory. Optionally, the sample can be filled into a collecting container without plant station. The sampling cycle is controlled by the PLC of the plant station.


  • Plastic collecting container (10 l) with filling level sensor
  • Steel collecting container (5.5 l), pressure tight with filling level sensor