HERZOG Steel Lab Container

The HERZOG Steel Lab cabin is the no-compromise solution for automatic sample preparation in the steel industry. The compact and autarkic-working laboratory is suited to fit in small ISO standard cabins (6058x2438x2438 mm LxHxW) leading to an immense simplification of transportation and installation. Due to the small-footprint design of the HERZOG milling machine even smaller cabin versions are available with, e.g., low ceiling. Furthermore, the operator has sufficient room to move and do maintenance.

The modular automation concept of HERZOG Steel Lab provides the maximum in flexibility for finding exactly the configuration that meets the requirements of the customer. Selectable automation components are the OES analyzer, optical devices for pass/fail and spark point detection, sample labelling systems, sample registration terminals, and various types of sample magazines. Standard set equipment are vibration absorbing feet, air condition, oxygen sensor, argon connection system, and argon purifier.

The HERZOG PrepMaster software controls and tracks all automation processes, integrates analyzers and other components, and establishes the connection to the level 2 system of the customer. The basic PrepMaster version includes customizing to specific requirements like, e.g., sample ident, configurability of all interfaces, remote and web access. Optionally, the PrepMaster Analytics modules are available for display and evaluation of analysis results and system performance.

The HERZOG Steel Lab offers the optimum in performance and flexibility at a very affordable price- with the well-known HERZOG quality.


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