PrepMaster Analytics- Smart Factory solution

The PM Analytics is an optional add-on to the PM Core/Entry for real-time monitoring of product quality and improved process understanding. PM Analytics easily communicates with third-party systems, is scalable, and grows along with your demands.
Using Big Data technologies like Hadoop & Spark PM Analytics is ready for future growth and aligns it with Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory standards.
The system is built in a modular fashion to allow for integration of separate PM Analytics modules that can be deployed independently of each other. PM Analytics S (Sample Analytics) is designed for overview of your analysis results, PM Analytics P (Process Analytics) for key performance indicators of your laboratory system. Together they will provide a holistic view of Lab Efficiency & KPI’s.

Features of PM Analytics

The system has the functionalities to handle the demands of all types of laboratories. Based on our decade-long experience in the primary industry we have built up features assisting you with laboratory quality control.


Supporting injections of data via a variety of different interfaces all relevant analyzers from market-leading OEM’s can be integrated. The PM Analytics interface easily allows to define, setup and import new data sources. Data transmission from the instrument is safe due to a recovery and re-transmit feature in case the connection to the PM Analytics is compromised.
The following interfaces are supported as standard:
•    TCP Socket Connections: Data are usually acquired from different instruments and L2 systems through TCP-IP socket protocol.
•    FTP: Customer specific CSV/XML/text files can be acquired from different instruments and Level2 systems using FTP.
•    Data Import from PM Core or PM Entry: Data from PM Core can are exchanged in its native XML format using the specific PM interface.
•    Manual Data Import of existing old sample analysis data can be done by online selection of file to be imported into the existing database.
•    Manual Data Entry is available to enter files from the beginning of the data pipeline. Data files can be enriched for existing Sample IDs.

Data Distribution / Systems Integration

PM Analytics provides an easy-to-use configuration tool to prepare the data export to a Level 2 system interface in an appropriate format. The data source can be easily selected by a user-defined query. Propagation of data to the L2 system can be schedule-based, rules-based or manually triggered.

Data Presentation

Measured values, analysis results, information, and configuration are presented in web clients. The PM Analytics uses dashboards to visualize key performance indicators such as calculated values, table, chart and interactive graphs. The dashboard design enables drill down into numbers to uncover the basis for calculations. The combination of captured data and modern design elements leads to the most sustainable development for your laboratory. Default starter dashboards for different applications are available to get you started quickly. Of course, each dashboard can easily be customized according to your specific requirements.

Data Analysis

The user can sort, comprehensively filter and group measured values for further analysis. Accordingly, the data grid control enables specific time windows for data selection, graphing multiple time-series data, sorting and filtering on columns as well as re-ordering column display. Pre-defined or ad-hoc data queries can be launched at every time. For further use, reported data can be exported to standard CSV or PDF File
The basic modules include various statistics functions as Min/Max/Sum, averages, and standard deviation.

Rules & Alerting

In case of bad incoming data or data outliers alert events are created. The PM Analytics automatically detects when rules are breached and generates alerts that appear in the Alerting Dashboard and may also be emailed. In the Alert Dashboard flagged events/data are sortable based on event time, severity, type, and source. During sample data sanity check bad data are quarantined and issue an alert.


Data and graphs can be selected to create your own reports. Taken for grant, all data’s can be deployed in almost any format, for example PDF,MS Excel, CSV

Data Lifecycle Management

The PM Analytics provides a well-developed life cycle management for your time series, structured and semi-structured data. Based on the data collected and the storage capacity the system can retain data archives of the original messages for a virtually unlimited period of time. After the retention period the data can be archived offline. Automated procedures are in place for data encryption and to ensure business continuity in the event of data loss with the ability to recover.

Access Controls & Security

PM Analytics incorporates features to make the application secure and robust. These include username & password based authentication access to the system, user password storage in the encrypted format and connection to the web server via encrypted SSL TCP/IP protocol. User accounts can only be configured through the management console.

User Management

The PM Analytics User Management provides the ability to manage users and access privileges via access control lists. This allows creation of graduated privileges and roles like, e.g., user/operator, technician/business analyst, and administrator.

Operational System Management

The System Monitoring Dashboard provides the ability to manage and monitor the overall system performance like, e.g., CPU, disk & memory usage and velocity of incoming messages processed. The system makes it easy to add additional storage or computer nodes as well as to service the system without shutting it down.




If access to the installed system is provided by the customer, HERZOG is capable of supporting the client not only with remote service but also with system upgrades when a software service contract is part of the scope.


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