Automation and intelligent sample management are outstanding features of HERZOGCement.

HERZOG is one of the cement industries’ leading partners in the development and establishment of laboratory systems. Innovative production processes as well as the increasing diversification of cement types involve higher demands on laboratory systems. HERZOGCement meets these demands with an exceptionally stable construction principle, a machine portfolio specifically designed to comply with the demands of the cement industry as well as the offer of integrated, complete laboratory solutions.


Quality in sample preparation for the cement industry

The harsh conditions within a cement production plant make it essential to use highly robust machines. HERZOG machines are constructed in such a way that they can withstand the extreme temperatures and the dusty environment without any problems. This is a prerequisite for several decades of reliable operation with a minimum of maintenance.

Every single step of the production control, from the sample taking process to transferring samples to the XRF or XRD analyzing apparatus, complies with the specific demands of cement production.