The HR- BMK is a fully automatic plant station with mixer and compressor which is designed for the collection, homogenization and dispatch of sample material in the production process (e.g. cement, chemicals, foodstuffs).

The fully automatic process station, which is installed within the plant itself, collects the individual sub-samples retrieved by a sampler in a sample mixer, and homogenizes the material each time new material is added. When the sample is retrieved, the mixer is automatically emptied and part of the sample material placed in a pneumatic tube capsule by means of a proportioning facility. The remainder of the material is returned to the production flow by a corresponding system. An integral handling system performs the following internal pneumatic tube capsule transport operations: 

  • Retrieval from the sending/receiving station
  • Transport to the capsule opener for opening of the empty capsule
  • Placement of the capsule in the filling position
  • Transport of the filled capsule to the capsule opener for closure of the capsule
  • Insertion of the closed capsule into the dispatch/receiving station for dispatch of the capsule

The station comprises the following components:

  • Sample mixer
  • Proportioning facility
  • Dispatch/receiving station
  • Capsule opener
  • Handling system
  • Compressor
  • Electrical switchgear cabinet
  • Pneumatic control cabinet.

The HR-BMK plant station is also available without mixer and compressor.