The solution for manual pneumatic tube systems- Safe transport with easy and ergonomic operation

Area of application

Sending and Receipt of pneumatic carriers in plant and laboratory

Metal samples of various shapes (round, oval, double-thickness, cylindrical, conical) and other, powder and granular samples (slag and other), other sample types

Operation mode


Easy and ergonomic operation
The HR-HSK is the station for manual sending and receiving of pneumatic carriers. The station can be installed both in the plant and laboratory. In the plant, the collected sample material which has to be transported into the lab is inserted into a pneumatic tube carrier. The carrier is closed by means of the integral manual carrier opener and then placed in the insertion point of the manual station. The manual station is opened and closed manually. When the pneumatic tube capsule has been inserted, it can be dispatched to the laboratory at the touch of a button. A light on the receiving station indicates that a capsule has been received. In the laboratory, the HR-HSK can be employed to return empty pneumatic carriers to the plant.

Flexible use
The HR-HSK is the standard solution in many different industry sectors. Using the HR-HSK both powder samples and solid samples can be transported. The manual station can be fitted with an additional display for the input of sample identification. The HR-HSk can be easily integrated into the superordinate level 2-system of the customer. Identification numbers are forwarded by the level 2-system, displayed on the panel and selected by the operator. The ID number is then used by the laboratory SCADA system for reliable identification of the sample.

Safety and reliability
The HR-HSK offers special safety measures for safe operation of the pneumatic transport system. the HR-HSK is characterized by robustness and reliability even in the harsh environment of production facilities.


  • Support
  • Control panel with six buttons
  • Terminal with display