The solution for automatic sample grinding- Efficient and reliable for highest analytical requirements

Area of application

Fine grinding of sample material for x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, diffracotmetry and other analytical procedures

Different materials, raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxidic material, ferroalloys (feed size 5 mm)

Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, standalone with magazine, linear automation, robot automation


Robust design – long service life
HERZOG HP-M series pulverizing mills are suitable for grinding a wide variety of minerals such as cement raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxides, and ferroalloys. The high RPM of the drive motor guarantees short grinding processes even with hard materials. The motor speed is steplessly adjustable between 700 rpm and 1.500 rpm. The robust construction with, for example, dual bearing support for the eccentric shaft ensures long service life.

Effective avoidance of cross contamination
After pulverizing the grinding vessel is automatically emptied and the ground material is made available at the discharge point. Three automatic cleaning features namely compressed air, sand cleaning (option) and wet cleaning (option) allow a sufficient material removal. Using the different cleaning functions, cross contamination can be reduced to a low ppm-level. Furthermore, spoon sampling (option) during the material input provides the possibility to pre-contaminate the grinding with a subsequent sample.


  • Loading magazine (26 cups)
  • Wet cleaning device
  • Dosing device for solid cleaning aid (sand, granulate)
  • Dosing device for grinding aid (solid)
  • Cooling device for grinding vessel
  • Blank sample dosing device
  • Magnetic separator for extracting metallic particles from the sample
  • Grinding vessel chrome steel 100 ccm
  • Grinding vessel tungsten carbide 100 ccm