HP-M 1500

The automatic machining cycle ensures reproducible and fast sample preparation. Operator failures e.g. mix up of sample ID’s, cross contamination between samples can easily be minimized by use of this automatic pulverizing mill. The space saving design makes this machine ideal for laboratory environments.

Special features like automatic quartz sand- and compressed air cleaning between samples and the continuous magazine operation of up to 30 samples makes this unique machine suitable for mining and geological laboratories.

Safe and user friendly

The HP-M1500 is hermetically sealed and sound insulated. Safety circuits and the dust tight machine housing with limited open handling of fine powder provides maximum health and safety features for the operating personnel.

Dust is collected by an external dust extraction device which can also be supplied as an option. The working environment is kept clean from dust to prevent cross contamination in between samples.

Programmable logic control (PLC) with 8 standard preparation programs

The integrated Simatic PLC control system guarantees error-free, automatic preparation of the widest possible variety of samples.

Up to 8 parameter-definable preparation programs can be stored and password-protected. The operation steps: grinding and discharge conditions as well as cleaning parameters can be set as program parameters at the mobile control panel.

Manual and automatic sample introduction

The system is designed to allow the integration into automatic sample preparation systems with the use of special designed automation components like conveyor belts, dosing and magazine systems for sample cups.

Further automation concepts like the link to automated powder sampling and sample transport systems are available.

Grinding vessels and sample cups

Grinding vessels made out of hardened tool steel are designed for the automatic loading, grinding and discharging of sample material.

Up to 1500 ccm, less than 1,5 kg coarse sample material with a max. particle size of 5 mm, fed by the operator manually into a stainless steel cup is discharged into its original cup after fine grinding. Cups can be numbered or labelled with a barcode.

The machine is self cleaning after each sample preparation cycle. All parts of the machine which have been in contact with sample material are automatically cleaned by compressed air. Fine dust will be removed by an external dust collector which is controlled by the machine PLC.