Automatic crusher for slag with magnetic separator and dosing device. The HBB-M is the cost-effective solution for the rushing of slag, sinter and ore. 

Automatic process

After the start button is pushed the sample material will feed manually into the infeed hopper of the machine. The grain size of incoming material should be to a maximum of 15 mm.

The gap of the crusher is adjustable from 1 to 8mm.

The crushed material moves into a chute which is equipped with a electro magnet. Metallic parts will be separated from the crushed sample material.

After the metallic separator the material feeds into the spoon of the dosing system.

Waste material is collecting bin which can emptied manually.

The dosing spoon turns above the outlet position from where the material falls into the sample cup.

After end of the program the cleaning cycle starts automatically.

The machine is totally enclosed, sound insulated and requires a minimum of operators time and maintenance. 

The machine consists of:

  • Totally closed sound isolated housing
  • One manual sample inlet
  • One jaw crusher
  • One manual sample outlet
  • One magnetic separator
  • One sample dosing device
  • One bin for waste material
  • One Siemens PLC S7