HSM 50

The benchtop pulverizing mill- Compact and powerful for efficient sample preparation

Area of application

Fine grinding of sample material for x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, diffracotmetry and other analytical procedures

Different materials, raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxidic material, ferroalloys (feed size 5 mm)

Operation mode


Space-saving solution for a wide range of application
The HSM 50 is the compact bench-top machine for efficient pulverizing. The grinding mill is suitable for pulverizing of different kinds of material, for example silicate, cement, ceramic material, ores, iron sinter, slag ferroalloys and various other minerals. According to the application, the operator can choose between 10 or 50 ccm grinding vessel (chrome steel or tungsten carbide).

Simple operation
The sample material is filled into the grinding vessel. Then, the grinding vessel with puck and lid is inserted and fixed manually using the machine clamping device. The grinding time is can be adjusted and the grinding cycle is initiated by pressing the start button.

Safe operation
After closing the flap the machine is locked during the grinding operation by a safety switch. The grinding vessel is manually removed from the machine and the ground material can be discharged for further processing. The machine is totally enclosed, sound insulated and requires a minimum of operator’s time and maintenance. Safety switches automatically deactivate the machine in case of malfunctions during operation.


  • Grinding vessel chrome steel 10 oder 50 ccm
  • Grinding vessel tungsten carbide 10 oder 50 ccm