The standard solution for sample preparation in the non-ferrous industry- Unbeatable due to compactness, processing speed and flexibility

Area of application

Cutting and/ or milling of nonferrous samples for OES, XRF and other analytical procedures

Nonferrous samples, diameter up to 60 mm, round

Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, linear automation, robot automation


Automatic sample preparation for more precise analysis
Automatic sample preparation for the optical emission- and x-ray fluorescence analysis with all its advantages is achieved with HERZOG milling machines in modular design. The automatic working process with the program controlled milling performance leads to a drastic improvement in reproducibility of the sample preparation and hence to best possible analysis results. With HERZOG milling machines in modular design combinations according to customer requirements are available. According to its shape, the sample can be automatically cut before milling. The fully automatic operation saves time and cost. All HERZOG milling machines are entirely enclosed, noise insulated and equipped with all safety features for the protection of the operating personnel.

Program control prevents operating errors
All parameter important for the milling process like milling head advance, milling depth and spindle speed are adjustable. They are directly, reliably and continuously program controlled. Errors caused by incorrect handling or adjustment are ruled out. Access to the program parameter is only possible using a password.

Tailor-made systems due to modular design
Herzog milling machines are especially designed for sample preparation for the optical emission- and x-ray fluorescence analysis. With their high technical quality standard and the small overall size, they meet all the requirements for the use in laboratories. The biggest advantage, however, is the modular design of the Herzog products. This machine provides a simple way for fully automatic sample preparation with its advantages of extremely high precision and reproducibility.

Automation in modular design meets the wide range of customer requirements
Most individual requirements can be met simply and easy with these custom-built systems. The modular design allows various combinations and step-by-step retrofitting of system components.


  • Special sawing blade for cutting
  • Turntable for 10 samples
  • Chain magazine for 20 samples
  • Spiral magazine for 100 samples
  • Sample transports
  • Special milling chamber for magnesium samples