Flexible and fast

HERZOG is the leading supplier of sample preparation systems in the iron and steel industry. HERZOG systems are used by the most important steel producers of the world for quality assurance and control of their production process. Our integrated solutions guarantee the optimal preparation of iron, steel and slag samples for all different analyzing methods including optical emission spectroscopy (OES), X-ray fluoroscopy (XRF) and gas analysis.

Innovative HERZOG steel solutions are oriented according to customers’ requirements and are based on an excellent collaboration with some of the world’s leading steel manufacturers. Therefore, our products and solutions are reflecting customer-focused innovation.

HERZOG systems are flexible and can be ideally adapted to the individual processes of any steel production.


Quality in sample preparation

Processing of different steel and iron qualities

HERZOG systems enable the optimum preparation of every sample surface from raw iron samples to high-alloyed specialty steels.

Processing of different sample forms

HERZOG systems can be adapted to suit any individual sample form and consequently guarantee optimum analysis results.

Management of different sample figures

HERZOG systems can be configured according to the desired sample capacity. They may include manual solutions for just a few samples as well as complete automation arrangements for thousands of samples per day.