HB 3000

The premium quality machine for automatic grinding- Perfect sample preparation for reproducible analysis results, cost-efficiency and high-performance

Area of application

Coarse and fine grinding of of steel and pig iron samples for OES, XRF and other analytical procedures

Steel and pig iron samples, diameter up to 50 mmm, round or with parallel surfaces

Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, linear automation, robot automation


Automatic sample preparation improves reproducibility
The fully automatic HB 3000 cup wheel and abrasive belt grinding machine permits automated sample preparation for spectroscopic analysis with all its advantages. Operation with program-controlled grinding processes results in a considerable improvement in the reproducibility of sample preparation and therefore consistent analysis results at reduced time and cost.

Best machining time
The HB 3000 is characterized by its rapid and precise grinding of iron, steel and particularly high-alloy steel samples in a wide range of geometries, the temperature of which may reach 800 °C. A pneumatic clamping unit enables symmetrical samples with a diameter of up to 60 mm to be gripped reliably and in a defined manner.  

Processing of incandescent samples
The HB 3000 is equipped with program-controlled intermediate cooling during the grinding processes to ensure optimum grinding results. This cooling system enables incandescent samples to be processed.  

Flexible grinding parameters
In conjunction with the abrasive, grain and hardness, the integration of cup wheel and abrasive belt into a single machine ensures that preparation of the sample meets the requirements of analysis perfectly. The abrasive belt, for example, is suitable for absolutely exact fine grinding of high-cost calibration samples. Conversely, optimum service life is achieved with coarse grinding by means of the cup wheel.  
Fine grinding on the 200 mm wide abrasive belt offers advantages which are evident in the quality, service life, and low costs of abrasives. The width of the abrasive belt enables different samples to be ground on a number of tracks, which reduces material costs and saves time owing to the reduces wear on the abrasive belt and the increased intervals between belt changes. The facility for preselection of abrasive belt zones prevents the transfer of material from one sample type to another and the consequent falsification of the sample characteristics. In addition, the HB 3000 enables the cup wheel and abrasive belt to be used not only in combination but also separately as programmed by the user.


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