HT 3000

Optimized sample preparation for spectroscopic analysis: The fully automatic HT 3000 cup wheel grinding machine permits automated sample preparation for spectroscopic analysis with all its advantages. Operation with program-controlled grinding processes results in a considerable improvement in the reproducibility of sample preparation and therefore consistent analysis results at reduced time and cost. 

Highest grinding efficiency with lowest machining time

The HT 3000 is characterized by its rapid and precise grinding of iron samples in a wide range of geometries, the temperature of which may reach 800 °C. A pneumatic clamping unit enables symmetrical samples with a diameter of up to 60 mm to be gripped reliably and in a defined manner. 

Optimal technology

The HT 3000 is equipped with program-controlled intermediate cooling during the grinding processes to ensure optimum grinding results. This cooling system enables incandescent samples to be processed.

On steel with very low carbon contents, abrasives can leave residues in the form of minute carbon particles which lead to falsified and useless analysis results. For these samples the “Automatic Grinder and Miller HBF 4000“ is available.