Within one operational step, the HUST prepares 3 or 4 punched samples with a weight of approx.. 1 g. Different sample including rund samples with a diameter up to 40mm and thickness up to 4mm as well as double-thickness samples can be manually inserted and the punching process can be initiated.

The punched sample pieces are automatically transported to a collecting container where they can be taken from for further analysis.

Following procedures are possible:

  • Removal of the pin for easy sample processing
  • Punching from the sample tongue
  • Sandblasting for surface cleaning
  • Tongue heating using high frequency for punching of high- alloy steel grades
  • Removal of the tongue 

The HUST can be manually, automatically or semi-automatically operated. The HUST can be easily connected to other components of HERZOGSteel automation like, e.g., the HS-CF.

The machine is noise-insulated and especially designed for low-noise operation. Specific safety precautions allow the safe operation of the machine.