Fully automatic sample preparation for X-ray fluorescent analysis with all its advantages is made by HERZOG pulverizing mills and pellet presses in modular design. The automatic method of operation with program-controlled grinding and pressing processes achieves a clear improvement of reproducibility in sample preparation and thus better analysis results. 

Preparation of various sample materials

HERZOG HP-M series pulverizing mills are suitable for grinding minerals such as ferro-alloys and organic materials. The high RPM of the drive motor guarantee short grinding processes even with hard materials and the robust construction with, for example, dual bearing support for the eccentric shaft ensure long service lives. 

Automatic sequence of pulverizing, emptying and cleaning

Additional special features of the HERZOG HP-M series pulverizing mills are automatic emptying of the grinding vessel and availability of the sample material at the discharge point. Automatic cleaning of the grinding vessel ensures continuous operation even with consecutive preparation of different materials. Cleaning is carried out pneumatically of by wet-grinding followed by drying. Wet-grinding has the particular advantage that even the smallest grinding residues are removed.