Clinker sampler HR-KN

The reliable solution for sampling of coarse-grain material from production processes

Area of application

Sampling of coarse-grain material from vertical or inclined drop chutes

Coarse-grain material (clinker and other, feed size max. < 50 mm)

Operation mode
Automatic, manual


Reliable sampling of coarse-grain material
The HR-KN clinker sampler is designed for the sampling of coarse-grain material from vertical material shafts located beneath the belt discharge point. A hydraulically operated sampling chute is swivelled upon demand into the material flow, and retrieves a precise sample quantity defined by the chute volume.

Modular design for easy integration into automatic pneumatic transportation
The sample is then transported by tube systems or a vibratory chute to the downstream components. In the plant station HR-LKC the sampled material can be crushed by, e.g., jaw crusher, split and dosed in a pneumatic carrier for pneumatic transportation into the laboratory. Various preparation steps can be combined in the HR-LKC. The sampling cycle is controlled by a programmable controller.