HERZOG has recently launched the new version of the HN-FF. The follow-up model of the automatic milling machine for non-ferrous samples comes with significant improvements.

The new three-jaw chuck features an increased clamping range and stroke leading to more flexibility in clamping samples of different sizes. Great attention was paid to enhancing the ergonomics of machine operation and maintenance. At the same time, the integration of the HN-FF into robot automations and magazines became easier due to the use of highly standardized machine modules. Modern sensory technology makes the HN-FF ready for smart industry applications like, e.g., tool condition monitoring of the wear of cutting tips.

Needless to say that the HN-FF maintains all other well-known benefits including small footprint, excellent machining quality and fast processing times. Therefore, the new HN-FF remains the optimal sample preparation machine to meet highest demands on analysis of non-ferrous metals.


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