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The Importance of Good Sample Preparation

24.06.2020 - 24.06.2020

An educational webinar hosted jointly by Bruker UK and Herzog, in partnership with Datech Scientific

The key to stable, reproducible analytical results from your XRF spectrometer is not only a stable, working spectrometer, but also a stable, reproducible sample preparation protocol that's appropriate for the material being measured.
Choosing an appropriate sample preparation method depends both on the material itself, and on the limitations of the analytical technique with respect to the elements you wish to analyse.
During this 1-hour complimentary webinar, specialists from Herzog and Bruker will present the background to sampling and sample preparation. They will also cover how to check that your samples have been prepared appropriately and what effects bad sample preparation can have on your measurement result.

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session — your chance to put any specific questions you have to the panel of experts.

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17.11.2020  14:00 CEST

Duration:      45 min. talk + 15 min. QA

Presenter:      Mr. H.-G. Schmitz

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