HERZOG Automations are setting standards in QC-laboratories of the extractive industry worldwide. All large manufacturers of the metal, cement, mining and recycling sector are using HERZOG for an easy and reliable quality control of their products.


Our automation expertise and process know-how are the bases for an optimal configuration, quick start-up and smooth long-term operation of our systems. HERZOG is your ideal partner in every stage of your project- including engineering, installation, validation and maintenance.

in four steps

Engineering Phase

As early as in the budget and engineering phase HERZOG is providing support in assessment, concept development and detailed design of your project.

Details2nd. Automation

Design Requirements

Drawing up design requirements is the initial step to control the project design throughout the engineering process. Usually, basic elements like functions, maintainability, and availability are defined according to the clients’ needs. On-site visit of a HERZOG sales engineer can be supportive for clarifying open issues. Design requirements might be determined by the client or might be developed together with our technical department. In every case, the client will benefit from the HERZOG expertise in sample preparation and automation.

b. Feasibility Study

Evaluation of sampling, sample preparation and automation procedures are integral part of the engineering phase. In our laboratories, our application experts process sample material according to your guidelines or test out alternative methods for sampling and sample preparation. In our design department, we assess all relevant procedures to determine key conditions for an optimal automation performance. A feasibility report is generated for our clients to judge whether automation targets are achievable within cost constraints.

c. Concept Study

Based on the technical specification, feasibility study and budgetary framework HERZOG proposes a concept study aiming at achieving intended objectives, minimizing likelihood or errors and costs, and assessing potential risks. At this high-level design stage, engineering issues are defined and potential solutions are provided. Within a reiterative process between client and design department the best solution for the application will be identified. The decade-long experience of HERZOG will support you to significantly shorten and focus this phase.

d. Detailed Design Study

Within the following detailed design phase HERZOG elaborates each aspect of the automation including, e.g., dimensions, operating parameters, maintenance provisions, electrical wiring, software interfaces etc. The detailed design provides you with deep insight into the automation performance and is the basis for the quotation.


2. Automation Competence

HERZOG has decade-long expertise in the area of automation technology and takes care for smooth operation of all procedures. Therefore, you can completely focus on optimization of your core processes.

Details3rd. Automation control

a. Process Reliability

One of HERZOG main focuses is process reliability in each automation step to reduce errors, minimize downtime, and improve productivity. Therefore, HERZOG combines tried-and-tested technology, use of high-quality components and efficient process control with individual concepts for complete redundancy and backup.

b. Process Reproducibility

Process standardization and automation are the key enabler for reproducible and consistent analysis results. Due to the decade-long experience HERZOG has developed proven technologies to minimize material loss and to avoid cross-contamination during sample preparation. According to the material and preparation procedure, special measures are taken for preventing material waste and effective cleaning between each sample batch.

c. Process Safety

Protection of operating personnel is a significant part of our automation process. Hazards and risks with any industrial application are thoroughly analyzed. HERZOG provides a broad portfolio to meet your unique process safety requirements.

d. Flexible and Modular Design

The design of HERZOG machines and components guarantee high flexibility to meet the particular needs of our customers. Individual configurations and layouts can be easily realized in order to provide our customers with both maximum planning freedom and significant time and cost savings. The modular way of design allows adaptation and extension of any automation.

e. Velocity

Modern production requires online monitoring of the manufacturing processes. HERZOG systems have been designed as high-speed solutions to guarantee an optimum process performance. To achieve this goal, we use perfectly tuned components, optimized handling systems and intelligent control systems on PLC and Scada-level for full capacity utilization.

f. Seamless Integration

Due to its long business relationships HERZOG cooperates with nearly all other manufactures in the different markets. That is why all instruments necessary for sample preparation including third-party machines, handling systems, analyzers (XRF, OES, CNS, radioactivity etc.), PLC, HER and sensory systems (balances, grain sizer, optical systems etc.) can easily be integrated.


3. Automation control

Our software solutions are specially developed for the requirements of automation and quality control. They are providing both full system control and maximum flexibility in designing your processes.

Details4th. Service

a. Adaptability

Prepmaster (PM) is the SCADA software solution for visualization, supervision and control of your QC processes including sampling, sample preparation and analysis.PM is a lean system tailored to the requirements of modern lab management. The modular PM design makes it easy to configure and extend your system according to your specific requirements.

b. Easy Interfacing

The PM comes with a rich library of drivers. Most interfaces are available out of the box or can be easily configured. HERZOG has extensive experience in connecting to Level 2 systems and higher-level LIMS. Such, embedding PM in the existing IT environment is without problems. PM comes with a huge range of possibilities to register your sample ID into the system.

c. Intelligent Sample Routing

The PM has been specially designed for the requirements of sample preparation. Accordingly, the PM software concept is based on the sample routing from the sampling point to the analyzer. Optimized to provide quick, safe and efficient preparation of all different sample types the system enables the smooth processing of high sample loads and complex preparation procedures. Priority management with various priority levels is deeply integrated in the software.

d. Data Collecting and Processing

The PM Analytics is an optional add-on for real-time monitoring of product quality and improved process understanding. PM Analytics easily communicates with third-party systems, is scalable, and grows along with your demands. The system is built in a modular fashion to allow for integration of separate PM Analytics modules that can be deployed independently of each other. PM Analytics is designed for overview of your analysis results and key performance indicators of your laboratory system.


4. Service

HERZOG is providing expert service on site, fast response time, and reliable supply of spares and consumables. They are the basis for the long-lasting productive operation of your automation system.


a. Full Aftermarket Support

HERZOG covers the full aftermarket support through the life of your automation. We provide all service activities including installation, commissioning, process specialist support, maintenance, and spares &parts delivery. This ensures that your automation is running smoothly and safely at the maximum of technical and economic equipment performance. Our global network of subsidiaries, representatives and partners guarantee a competent and fast service worldwide.

b. Customized Service Solutions

Each inspection/ maintenance is oriented to your specific needs and includes recommendation for maintenance upkeep, parts replacement and upgrades. Our direct and competent telephone technical support or remote access service guarantee for additional safety. Furthermore, scope of services can be easily customized according to your requirements. HERZOG offers you service contracts covering different performance levels for, e.g., response time or availability of special spare packages.

c. Life Cycle service

HERZOG equipment is well known for its long lifetime. HERZOG ensures that you can operate your machine at the same high level for decades by providing parts and qualified service. When necessary we overhaul your machine, offer mechanical and software updates or integrate it into a new environment.


Advantages of HERZOG automation

  • Improved reproducibility: HERZOG automation increases reproducibility and therefore leads to higher precision in sample analysis.
  • Performance and availability: HERZOG automations are ready for operation 365/24/7 with significantly reduced personnel expenses.
  • High-Speed: HERZOG automations are well-known for high speed sample preparation. Every single machine is designed for this purpose and defines standards in its segment.
  • Integration and flexibility: Every external device can easily be integrated in automation due to the intelligent HERZOG software concept.
  • Up-Scaling: The modular system design allows easy extension of each automation in order to respond to higher sample throughput.
  • Service: Mechanical and software products are built for high maintainability. HERZOG service contracts guarantee a long life cycle and are therefore the perfect addition to your automation.
  • Software: The HERZOG software solution controls the sample preparation and allows ingestion, processing and presentation of all the analysis results and KPIs without any data loss and cumbersome gathering of files.
  • Return of Investment: Improving sample throughput, system availability and sample preparation quality results in a fast return of investment.