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The next generation of the HP-MP has been launched today by HERZOG. The combined mill and press is a mainstay in many industries for preparation of pressed pellets for XRF and XRD analysis. Now, the new version offers even better performance, flexibility and serviceability.

The re-design of the HP-MP contains many improvements and enhancements of functionality:

  • Easier integration with other components (like pneumatic receiving station) through the revised conveyor belt system
  • Flexible robot access either from the machine front or side, according to the customers’ requirements
  • Easier access and more spacious interior for simpler maintenance and service
  • Simpler implementation of various laboratory requirements like, e.g., providing of duplicate samples
  • Higher press forces up to 200 kN
  • Universal handling system for 40 and 51.5 mm steel rings for easy retooling of the machine
  • Sensor-based tool condition monitoring (TCM) of grinding vessel, machine components and grinding efficiency (option)
  • Ring cleaning device (option) inside the machine for significant space saving
  • Fully covered and easily accessible 23-positions input magazine for sample cups (option)


The new HP-MP takes robustness, reliability and automation to a new level. In combination with the smart TCM solutions the new HP-MP will further increase the analytical performance in many industries and applications.


Please find the newest video of the HERZOG HP-MP here and on the HERZOG Youtube channel.


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