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The new automation for elemental analysis by furnace combustion

HERZOG has recently launched the CNSLab as a new standard laboratory solution. The HERZOG CNSLab is a fully-automatic system for elemental analysis of solid materials by furnace combustion. The CNSLab has been especially developed for analysis of iron and steel samples using punched pieces or milling chips but can also be used for other types of inorganic materials.

The CNSLab covers the complete process of sample preparation from automatic receiving of the sample up to transfer of the preheated crucible containing the weighed sample and additives to the analyzer. Furthermore, the CNSLab supports all steps required for instrument calibration including management of reference samples and definition of the calibration procedure.

According to the sample volume, the CNS Lab may have one robot with up to two analyzers or two robots with up to four analyzers. In the latter case, the CNSLab ensures system availability if one robot is in service mode. In each case, the analyzers are rotatable in the housing and can be turned around for manual operation. In this operation mode, the robot access to the analyzers is automatically locked because of safety reasons.

The CNSLab offers many opportunities. It leads to a significant reduction of mundane tasks for the laboratory personnel, increase sample throughput and improves quality of sample preparation and analysis.


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