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Herzog has recently launched a new software module for automatic determination of spark point locations on samples to be analyzed by optical emission spectrometry. The “SparkPoint module” is part of the PrepMaster Core or Entry SCADA software deployed in the Herzog SteelLab and MetalLab. The SparkPoint module has been specially designed for quality control in in the production process of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The configuration menu of the module offers numerous options for setting basic parameters and constraints used for the computation of spark points. For each sample type, sample shape and size, diameter of spark points and maximum number of analyses can be defined. The operator can also specify the distance between spark points, the clearance to the sample edge and the proximity to the pin.

With the help of an easy to use GUI the operator assigns the priority, position and size of the preferred analysis areas on the sample surface. Based on the provided information, the optimizing algorithm will compute the best possible spark point distribution on the sample surface.

All data of the SparkPoint module are stored and ready for review and later analysis. The data can be easily merged with, for example, results of the chemical sample composition. This allows a thorough and in-depth data evaluation by any criterion of interest. In this way, the SparkPoint module assists you in further enhancing accuracy and precision of the processes in your laboratory.


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