HR-BM: Automatic plant station

The compact and reliable plant station- the solution for representative sampling and automatic transport

Area of application

Collection and homogenization, dosing into carrier and automatic pneumatic transport of powder sample material

Different materials, raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxidic material, ferroalloys (feed size 6 mm)

Operation mode


Optimized for sampling
The plant station has been optimized for the receiving of samples from external sampling devices. Within the mixer of the HR-BM the sample material is collected, mixed and homogenized. Subsequently, the desired sample amount is dosed into a pneumatic sample carrier and sent to the laboratory for further analysis.

Improved representativity
The fully automatic process station collects each taken sample in the mixer. Therefore, various spot samples can be unified to one larger total sample. To further improve representativity, the sample material is homogenized each time new material is received. When a sample is retrieved the mixer is automatically emptied and part of the whole sample amount is dosed volumetrically into the pneumatic carrier.

Flexibly adaptable to the customers' requirements
Due to low installation height and the small footprint, the HR-BM can be easily integrated into every production plant. According to the local and constructional preconditions, the residual material can be removed by gravitation. Alternatively, an injector- and tube system (HR- FRG) is available for the active return of the residual sample material to the production flow. If only single spot samples are taken the model HR-B without mixer can be used. Next to dosing into the pneumatic carrier sample filling into a cup is available as an option.

Efficient cleaning and service
The mixer, dosing unit, and all relevant tubes are efficiently cleaned by compressed air to avoid contamination of subsequent samples. The machine is easily accessible and allows removal of the pneumatic carrier for service purposes.


  • Additional sample dosing into cup
  • Sampling without mixer
  • Sample return system HR-FRG