HR-HSK/L: Automatic laboratory station for robot cells

The solution for fully automatic receipt of pneumatic carriers in the robot cell- The flexible and safe handling of your samples within the laboratries

Area of application

Receipt of pneumatic carriers in the robot laboratory

Metal samples of various shapes (round, oval, double-thickness, cylindrical, conical) and other, powder and granular samples (slag and other)

Operation mode
Robot automatic, manual


Designed for robot automation in the laboratory
The HR-HSK/L is specially designed for sending and receipt of pneumatic carriers for robot automation. All integrated machines are circularly arranged and operated by a robot in the middle. After the arrival of the carrier in the laboratory, the robot takes it from the HR-HSK/L and forwards it to the unpacking station. Here, the sample is removed for further processing in the automation. Afterwards, the robot returns the empty carrier to the HR-HSK/L to send it back to the plant station.  If needed HR-HSK/L machines can be put outside of the robot circle for manual operation.

Flexible use
The HR-HSK/L can handle capsules for steel, iron, slag and other powder material. This allows preparation of various sample types in one robot cell.

Safe operation
The HR-HSK/L has been designed for especially safe operation. In automatic mode, the machine door is locked to prevent the manual carrier insertion. The machine design allows easy maintainability.