HR-LSP: Automatic laboratory station

The scompact and reliable plant station- the solution for representative sampling and automatic transport

Area of application

Receipt and opening of pneumatic carrier in the laboratory, unpacking and providing within a cup, reclosing of carrier and sending to the plant station

Powder and granular samples (slag and other)

Operation mode
Automatic, stand-alone, linear automation, robot automation


Specially designed for automatic sample transport
The fully automatic HR-LSP dispatch and receiving station is designed to receive pneumatic carriers, open them, and place the sample automatically in a discharge tube. The capsule is then closed again and returned to the dispatch station in the plant. During emptying of the carrier, the discharge chute is covered to prevent the escape of dust. After completion of the discharge process, the chute is cleaned by compressed air to minimize contamination of subsequent samples. The sample received can be transported onwards either on conveyor belts or by a robot. The rear of the station is open, providing a robot with direct access to the sample.

Shortened handling time, improved efficiency
Discharge of the samples within the HR-LSP saves valuable preparation time. Furthermore, the robot is released from tasks like carrier transport and inefficient periods of waiting time. This results in a significant increase in robot capacity and availability leading to improved performance especially during peak load of the automation.

Flexible operation and configuration
The station is fitted with a door on the front for manual operation. The door is equipped with a safety interlock. Capsules can thus be removed or inserted into the system manually. The automatic process is controlled by a programmable logic controller. An operator panel permits manual operation and the specification of station parameters. Stations can be erected in banks for the control of multiple lines, and require very little space.

Easy maintainability
The laboratory station HR-LSM is designed for industrial use and requires a minimum of service. It is accessible from both the front and the rear for internal maintenance and repair work.


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