HP-C/ HP-CS/ HP-CA: Automatic jaw crusher

The automatic jaw crusher solution- Reliable and efficient component of each automation

Area of application

Crushing (jaw crusher) of sample material for further processing, e.g. grinding

Different materials, raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxidic material, ferroalloys (feed size 15 mm)

Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, standalone with magazine, linear automation, robot automation


Automatic control of operation procedure
The sample material is inserted in stainless-steel cups into the manual insertion point or in an insertion magazine. The cup is emptied automatically when the machine is started. The operation cycle is executed in accordance with the preselected processing parameters such as duration of crushing and cleaning time. Following the crushing process, the pre-crushed sample material is poured back into the insertion cup and returned to the insertion position by the internal transport system. After each crushing cycle, the jaw-breaker is cleaned automatically by compressed air. The resulting residual dust must be removed by an external dust exhaust facility.

Wide range of different options
The automatic jaw breaker, Model HP-C can easily be combined with other modular HERZOG machines such as feed and discharge magazines, an automatic pulverizing mill, Model HP-M and an automatic pellet press, Model HP-P.

Perfectly suited for laboratory operation
The HP-C automatic jaw breaker is fully enclosed and insulated against noise and requires a minimum of manual intervention and maintenance. Safety switches switch off the automatic jaw breaker automatically in the event of failure of the pneumatic system. Operating faults are signaled on a display.
With its comprehensive and complete automation, the HERZOG HP-C automatic jaw breaker guarantees precise, reproducible analytical results.


  • Loading magazine HP-C (26 cups)
  • Loading magazine HP-CA (30 cups)
  • Metal detector (HP-CA)