HP-MCSA: Automatic combination balance/ crusher/ splitter (mortar crusher)

The all-in-one solution for automatic weighing, crushing and splitting- Efficient and robust sample preparation for the extractive industry

Area of application

Weighing, crushing (mortar crusher), splitting of sample material for further processing, e.g. grinding

Different materials, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxidic material, ferroalloys (feed size 25 mm)

Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, standalone with magazine, linear automation, robot automation


Specially designed for requirements of extractive industry
HP-WCSA is the perfect machine for weighing, crushing and splitting. Due to its modular design it can be easily combined with other components. The fully automatic machine was specially designed for the requirements for the handling of large samples of various coarse ores, minerals and similar materials. Using the building block principle, this modular machine contains a weighing device, a sample lift, a jaw crusher, a linear splitter with a variable splitting ratio based on current ISO norms. The software controls allows completely flexible splitting of aliquot portions.

Fully automatic sample preparation
Automatic feed and discharge magazines significantly increase the sample output and manpower efficiency. Large coarse sample received in the laboratory are manually loaded into the sample containers of the feed magazine. The operating parameters are preselected at the integrated control panel and the automatic weighing, crushing and splitting cycle starts. All sample preparation steps are fully automatic without need for operator's intervention.

Safe and ergonomic operation
The machine is totally enclosed and sound insulated. Safety switches automatically deactivate the machine in case of operational malfunctions, which are displayed at the integrated control panel.

Flexible use
The machine is equipped with integrated pneumatic and electrical control cabinets and PLC controls. This allows the machine to run individually or in combination with any other modular machine. The HP-WCSA is a fully automatic stand-alone machine or can be perfectly integrated into linear or robot automations.


  • Available without crusher (only weighing and splitting)
  • Rotating tube divider instead of linear splitter
  • Input magazine (cup)