HSC 590: Manual jaw crusher

The solution for manual crushing and pre-crushing of hard and brittle materials- Your choice for superior quality and cost efficiency

Area of application

Crushing (jaw crusher) of sample material for further processing, e.g. grinding

Different materials, raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxidic material, ferroalloys (feed size 90 mm)

Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, standalone with magazine, linear automation, robot automation


Best in quality and cost efficiency
The HSC 590 is the new solution for crushing and pre-crushing of hard and brittle materials. The HSC 590 provides best HERZOG quality made in Germany and guarantees you trouble-free performance and long life. At the same time, affordable machine and jaw prices make the HSC 590 the first choice for economical sample preparation.

Wide range of applications
The HSC 590 is suitable for crushing a wide variety of different materials including alloys, slag, minerals, ores, quartz rocks and many more. Next to excellent crushing results the main focus is on ergonomic machine operation. The jaw can be easily unlocked and removed using the wide non-slip handle. This significantly facilitates inspection and cleaning of the crushing chamber. The gap width is continuously adjustable using a width display and allows easy zero-point adjustment for wear compensation.

Safe operation
Safety features like no-rebound feed hopper and brake motor minimizes the risks of personal injury of the operator. The feed funnel cannot be reached into and can be simply hinged open for a fast cleaning of the grinding chamber.
A safety switch and brake motor ensure immediate shut-down if the unit is incorrectly opened or switched on. The fixed crushing arm can be removed easily for cleaning and jaw replacement.

Ergonomic machine handling
The crushed material is collected in a drawer with a capacity of 5 litres respectively. In the case of larger quantities and free discharge downwards, one can work without a drawer.


  • Jaws manganesse steel
  • Jaws stainless steel
  • Jaws tungsten carbide
  • Jaws special steel grade on request