Bead One HF: Semi-automatic fusion machine

The benchtop fusion device with high-frequency induction technology- The compact and flexible solution for demanding applications

Area of application

Preparation of fused beads (39 mm diameter)

Different oxidic sample material,e.g., cement, slag, ores, ferroalloys (feed size 200µm)

Operation mode


High-frequency induction heating technology
The Bead One HF offers maximum flexibility and accuracy in preparation of glass beads for XRF analysis. Due to its high-frequency induction heating technology, the Bead One HF enables complex multi-step fusion processes and shortens preparation time.

Specially designed for demanding tasks
The Bead One HF offers you extensive functionality and flexibility for demanding analytical tasks. The inductive fusion methods allow fast and instantaneous heating-up of the melt to the set temperature. The system operates without inertia and makes it possible to undergo complex preparation cycles requiring extremely precise temperature ramp up. This is useful for preparation procedures of, e.g., ferroalloys depending on several different oxidation and fusion steps of exactly defined temperatures and time lengths.

Short fusion time and fast ramping up
The Bead One HF reaches temperatures of minimum 1300°C within a short period of time. Accordingly, the Bead One HF is reducing process time and increasing sample throughput. The high fusion and casting dish temperature of the Bead One HF shortens preparation time and improves bead quality for material requiring long-lasting fusion procedures. Moreover, short fusion times lead to very low element losses and subsequently improve analysis accuracy and reliability. The crucible is oscillated in a circular movement to improve homogenization of the melt. Additionally, the crucible can be tilt by 45°.

Simultaneous heating of crucible and casting dish
Two separate high-frequency generators supply power at the induction coil of the crucible and the casting dish. Since the casting dish is simultaneously heated up the fusion can be cast automatically into the preheated dish. Alternatively, the mold remains in the crucible until solid. The temperature curve of the dish is fully configurable and allows absolutely controlled cooling down subject to analytical requirements. Furthermore, it guarantees that glass buttons are free from reams and seeds. High-performance pyrometers for crucible and casting dish ensure absolute temperature constancy. After solidifying, the casting dish is further cooled down by blowing with air.

Safety measures
The safety door is locked during the entire fusion and cooling process. Pouring is fully automatically without need for intervention. The Bead One HF has been designed for cold-to-cold operation and the user never comes in contact with hot vessels.

Easy to operate
Due to its small foot print design, the Bead One HF can be set up flexibly at any location. Installation of the machine is very simple, no compressed air is needed. All fusion and cooling parameters can be easily set, modified, stored and monitored using the HMI panel of the machine.


  • Temperature measuring of the dish
  • Separate chiller for water
  • Separate ultrasonic cleaning device