HA-HF 16: Semi-automatic fusion device

The semi-automatic solution for fusion with high-frequency induction technology- Maximum quality and throughput for efficient laboratory operations

Area of application

Preparation of fused beads (39 mm diameter)

Different oxidic sample material,e.g., cement, slag, ores, ferroalloys (feed size 200µm)

Operation mode


Ideal for use in modern labs
The borate/sample mixture is pre-dosed into platinum/gold crucibles.  Each of the crucibles is input in one of the 16 pockets of the input magazine. The operator then starts up the operating sequence on the touch screen. The program-controlled crucible movement ensures perfect homogenization during the fusion process.  All components of the machine are neatly accommodated on a single stand. The integrated handling system silently and reliably takes care of all the transport routines in the machine.  The high-frequency heating system operates safely and reliably. The HA-HF16 has been purpose-designed to meet the requirements of modern laboratories. 

Temperature control
A non-contact pyrometer holds the melt at a constant temperature. This ensures that a reproducible temperature curve, appropriate to the relevant sample quality, is maintained throughout the fusion process 

Perfect process control
Following the melting process, the melted sample material is poured into a preheated platinum/gold pouring dish and then gradually cooled. The melt is then cooled in the surrounding air until it solidifies. After solidification, a special air jet cools the pouring dish further.
The procedures of the HA-HF16 are controlled by an integrated programmable logic control system. This allows 16 different program sequences to be predefined and started separately on the touch screen for each sample.  A vacuum pick-up takes only in-tact glass beads to the delivery chute. Up to 16 completed samples can be buffered. These are available to the operator to transfer to the analytical instrument.


  • Output conveyor system with magazine function
  • Extractor fan
  • Separate chiller for water
  • Multiple light