HT 350: Manual grinding machine

The disc grinding machine for various applications- Proven technology for maximal safety, sample quality and cost-efficiency

Area of application

Grinding of of steel and pig iron samples for OES, XRF and other analytical procedures

Steel and pig iron samples, various shapes

Operation mode


Precise surface grinding
HT350 is a manual disc grinding machine for sample preparation of iron and steel samples. It offers an excellent grinding performance with precision surfacing.

Efficient, fast and precise
By means of the HERZOG Dual Disk Surface Grinder, it is possible to achieve a precision flat surface of iron and steel samples with reduced material cost.  Coarse and fine grinding on two separate grinding discs is possible using one machine. The abrasive paper is solely affixed to the grinding disc by vacuum, eliminating the requirement of glue or any other fixing material. This unique feature ensures a flat surface. Cheaper abrasive papers can be used still resulting in excellent flat surfacing.  In order to obtain an excellent grinding performance, each disc has its own driving motor. The correct selection of abrasive papers with respect to the grain and hardness will give a proven performance for best analytical results.  

Clean working with maximum of safety
The excellent integrated dedusting system with a spark trap and easily replaceable filters guarantees a healthy dust – free atmosphere. This machine is completely enclosed except for the small operating segment. It is fitted with safety switches and with the use of mechanical sample holder ensures maximum operator safety. Further operator safety is guaranteed by circuitry which activates a break stopping the disc immediately the top cover is opened or the panel main switch is switched off.  The ergonomic height of 1000 mm means the operator is positioned at a convenient and comfortable height to use the machine.


  • Sample holder 40 mm, magnetic
  • Sample holder 45 mm, magnetic
  • Sample holder 50 mm, magnetic
  • Sample holder 35-45 mm, mechanical