HP-M 100P: Semi-automatic pulverizing mill

The standard for semiautomatic sample grinding- Maximum of efficiency and reliability for your laboratory

Area of application

Fine grinding of sample material for x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, diffracotmetry and other analytical procedures

Different materials, raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxidic material, ferroalloys (feed size 5 mm)

Operation mode


Shorter grinding process, long service life
The high speed of the drive motor guarantees for short grinding processes even for hard materials. The robust build with double eccentric bearing ensures a long service life of the mill at the lowest maintenance effort.

Simple operation without application of force
The grinding vessel is firmly attached to the vibrating aggregate and can be opened and closed by a handle. The good accessibility enables fast and clean filling of the grinding vessel. The grinding vessel lid is locked pneumatically. After grinding, the sample material is filled into a stainless steel cup and can be removed at once at the output position during the cleaning of the vessel.

Automatic grinding vessel cleaning
The grinding vessel is cleaned automatically after every grinding process. Thus, the work place dust load is much decreased. The handling of heavy grinding vessels is therefore completely eliminated.

Programmable logic control
The integrated Simatic PLC guarantees for reliable, automatic sample preparation of many different sample materials.
Up to 5 processing programs can be stored. All parameters for grinding duration and grinding speed, as well as for sample output and cleaning are deposited as program parameters and can be set at the control panel.


  • Grinding vessel chrome steel 100 ccm
  • Grinding vessel tungsten carbide 100 ccm