Monitoring of reference samples

Easy configuration of reference samples
The optional reference sample module of PM Analytics enables the automatic display and continuous monitoring of reference analyses using tools for statistical process control (SPC). In the PM Analytics software, reference samples can be easily created with identification data such as sample ident, name and included elements. Furthermore, warning limits and action limits can be defined for each element. The user can select from pre-defined SPC rules which are to be applied to the respective reference sample. The list of reference samples to be monitored can also be imported from other data sources, for example as an .xls or .csv file, and updated regularly.

Link to production samples
The reference sample module links the analysis of a production sample with the respective reference analysis. This ensures that each analysis was performed in the laboratory under referenced conditions. The operator can configure whether this form of monitoring should be applied to all or only certain production samples.
If a reference analysis turns out to be outside the expected values, PM Analytics creates a list of all production samples affected by this deviation. After recalibration of the measuring instrument, the operator can, if necessary, arrange for a new sample preparation and analysis of the affected samples. Alternatively, PM Analytics can also transfer the list to the PM Core/ Entry SCADA system, which then automatically initiates a new analysis on a calibrated analyzer. These processes are logged automatically and are available for an audit, e.g. in the context of ISO 17025.