Tool Condition Monitoring

PM Analytics offers optional modules for monitoring different machine tools using sensor data. This enables both the control of the tool condition (TCM) and the execution of predictive maintenance.

Monitoring of milling machines
This TCM module enables the condition monitoring of cutting tips in the HS-F 1000 milling machine by vibration and torque values. Based on the sensor data, the degree of wear of the cutting tips can be tracked and the end point of the service life can be detected with high sensitivity. The limit values for the different milling heads and cutting tips can be easily configured and changed. The dashboard displays the vibration and torque values of the current milling process as well as the progress of the current milling cycle and past milling cycles. An overview dashboard outlines the status of all milling heads in the system. If the defined limit values are exceeded, PM Analytics sends an alarm to the user or informs the SCADA system (PrepMaster Core or Entry) via an interface to automatically replace the milling head.

Monitoring of disc mills
The TCM module for disc mills records three-dimensional motion data via an acceleration sensor attached to the swinging aggregate. This data allows the condition monitoring of the grinding set and the swinging aggregate. A wear of the grinding set is automatically detected by means of statistical process control (SPC) and reported to the operator. Wear and malfunctions of the swinging aggregate can also be detected automatically. By means of the acceleration pattern, e.g. the fatigue of the horizontal springs or a threatening break-out of fastening bolts can be identified. Such, it can be avoided that the grinding efficiency is adversely affected or the machine breaks down. Monitoring of the grinding tools by means of sensory data thus ensures reproducible sample preparation and is an important component for preventive maintenance of the machines.
The acceleration data also allow for an exact qualitative and quantitative characterization of single grinding trials. For example, individual grinding phases can be identified, separated from each other and compared with the expected average values of previous grinding trials. Significant deviations, for example due to an unexpected sample composition, can already be detected during the grinding trial and appropriate measures such as re-sampling can be initiated. Furthermore, the technology enables the online recognition of agglomeration formation by means of acceleration values. The formation of agglomerates depends strongly on the sample composition and may have an unfavorable effect on the accuracy of the spectrometric analysis. All in all, the TCM module is an efficient instrument to ensure a reproducible sample preparation in any case.

Monitoring of pneumatic cylinders
A special TCM module monitors the pneumatic cylinders installed in a machine. The variance and change in the stroke times of a cylinder are monitored by means of SPC, so that long-term changes that could indicate damage to the cylinder are automatically detected and reported by PM Analytics. In this way, pneumatic cylinders can be repaired or replaced in good time before the machine breaks down.