PrepMaster Core

The PrepMaster Core is designed to guarantee top functional laboratory standards, user-friendly GUI and scalability. The PM architecture has an open design with interfaces not only to  HERZOG components but also to other third-party machines, analyzers, and level 2 systems.

Sample Managment
The PM Core has been specially designed for the requirements of sample preparation. Accordingly, the PM software concept is based on the sample routing from the sampling point to the analyzer. PM Core is optimized to provide quick, safe and efficient preparation of all different sample types. The system enables the smooth processing of high sample loads and complex preparation procedures. Priority management with various priority levels is deeply integrated into the software.

HERZOG cooperates with nearly all other manufactures of automation components in the different markets. That is why all instruments necessary for the optimum sample preparation including third-party machines, handling systems, analyzers (XRF, OES, CNS, radioactivity etc.), and sensory systems (balances, grain sizer, optical systems etc.) can be integrated. PM Core comes with a rich library of drivers. Most interfaces are available out of the box or can be easily configured. HERZOG has extensive experience in connecting to level 2 systems and higher-level LIMS. Such, embedding PM Core in the existing IT environment is without problems.

Graphical User Interface
PM Core uses a GUI where you have an excellent overview of all current, processed or queued samples in the system. We use a clearly arranged color and symbol coding so you can see the status of samples, machines and processes at a glance. All relevant information and functionalities are just a click away and can be drilled down to the bottom level. All views can be easily customized according to your requirements.
The use of web clients for display of PM information and terminal functionality like, e.g., sample registration is taken for granted. All web interfaces and processes are based on an encrypted SSL TCP/IP standard.

Easy Configurability
Using the Integrated Development Environment (PM IDE) it becomes very easy to compile configuration and routing files for your automation. By using this powerful tool even the operator can easily do basic changes. PM IDE comes with an extensive set of drivers and interfaces. Subroutines for standard procedures can be dragged and dropped from a library. Before releasing the updated program PM IDE automatically performs a sanity check of every modification to avoid logical or formal errors in the sample routing.

Adaptive Behaviour
PM Core processes are adaptive and responsive at all levels. Preparation worksheet can be modified online based on incoming analysis results or sensory data. To mention but a few specific examples: If sample material processing did not yield the desired results PM Core automatically chooses other preparation routes or recipes. Based on optical analysis systems, the optimal target coordinates for chemical analysis are calculated for each sample. Handling systems like robots are adjusted accordingly.

PM Core includes a full set of secure teleservices including remote support, remote diagnosis and remote maintenance. For failure safety, the PM provides a wide scope of options from configuration of a backup PC to implementation of redundant servers.


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