PrepMaster IDE

The PrepMaster IDE is the integrated development environment for quick, easy and error-free configuration and programming of automation projects. Due to the use of standardized processes, up-to-date libraries and automatic error detection the PM IDE significantly reduces commissioning time and clients’ costs. The intuitive graphical user interface makes it very easy to create and change projects- both for programmers and users.

Configuration of new projects
The configuration of new automation projects is intuitive and easy. The PM IDE defines all relevant values automatically. If necessary, all values can be easily changed by direct entry or drop-down lists. The PM IDE provides multi-language support with implementation of most common languages. Due to its downward compatibility the PM IDE can simply import and convert elder PrepMaster files from previous projects.

Configuration of automation components
Many machines, components and devices are selected from a rich library using the easy drag & drop function. The configuration files contain all important information necessary for the project. All libraries are centrally stored, can be easily maintained and kept up to date. Configuration files for new components are imported and converted by just one mouse click. All link and network information are clearly listed and directly changeable. Parameters for each machine including positions, status bits and PLC programs can be added, deleted or modified.

Configuration of Worksheets
PrepMaster worksheets include all relevant information for identification, preparation and analysis of each sample. PM IDE makes configuration of predefined worksheets for specific sample types extremely easy. All relevant worksheet information including sample types, machines and positions are arranged within a few minutes. Furthermore, the PM IDE allows the drag & drop configuration of workflows for each sample type supporting the monitoring of sample routing during operation.

Configuration of sample routing

Due to the intelligent and user-friendly GUI programming of all automatic procedures and operations within the laboratory becomes simple- even for the operator without deep programming knowledge. Furthermore, the use of standardized commands and algorithms increases operational reliability, system uptime and speed. The clear display of the routing commands significantly facilitates program planning, maintenance and modification. The PM IDE is a bidirectional system which allows import of routing files from older PrepMaster projects and conversion into the GUI.
All commands addressing automation components, PrepMaster functions and robot are selected from the library. The user inserts the commands by drag & drop and configures them by a selection list. This is extremely fast and helps to avoid systematic errors and careless mistakes. The robot paths are arranged by selecting start, intermediate and end positions from the position list. The deeply implemented substitution and array functionality facilitates programming and supports integration of frequently repeated algorithms. Newly programmed commands are simply imported into the library by one mouse click.

Automatic error detection

The semantic model of the PrepMaster is represented within the PM IDE. The model is produced by the integrated language parser on-the-fly when consuming an input line. This allows an immediate error checking of the routing lines. All errors and inconsistencies are listed and can be directly rectified by the programmer or operator. This approach has been proven to significantly reduce installation and commissioning efforts of automation projects.

PrepMaster IDE Video