HUST: Automatic/ semi-automatic punching machine

The universal solution for preparation of combustion samples- Numerous variants and options for every requirement

Area of application

Punching of punched pieces from disc and double- thickness samples for combustion analysis

Disc samples with diameter up to 40 mm, double thickness samples with width of 35 mm and tongue length of up to 35 mm, up to 5mm thickness.

Operation mode
Semi-automatic, automatic, standalone, linear automation, robot automation


Optimal sample preparation for combustion analysis
The HUST is a punching machine for preparation punched pieces for determination of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur by combustion analysis. Up to four punched pieces with a weight of approximately 1  g can be produced simultaneouesly. The HUST is available as a semi-automatic machine or can be integrated into a fully automatic system.

Complete automation of the process
The HUST can be part of a completely automated preparation cyclus for combustion analysis. The cutting and milling machine HS-CF can be used for preparation of cylindrical and conical samples. In the HS-CF a disc sample is produced which is automatically transported to the HUST using a chain belt. Double thickness samples can be directly inserted into the HUST after completion of OES analysis. In the HUST, the punched pieces are transported pneumatically to the laboratory and can be processed manually by the operator. Alternatively, the punched pieces can be forwarded to an automatic analysis system whithout need for further operator's intervention.

Semiautomatic HUST model
In the semi-automatic HUST model, the operator manually inserts disc sample (diameter of up to 40 mm) or double thickness samples and closes the safety cover. The punching process is started by pressing the start button. The punched pieces are pneumatically transported to a collecting container and can be removed.

Various options
According to the analytical requirements the HUST can be supplied with numerious options. The pin of pin samples as well as the tongue of double-thickness samples can be sheared by the HUST. The HUST can be equipped with a sand blasting device for scale layer removing and surface cleaning. For punching of high-strength steel the sample or sample tongue can be heated by high-frequency induction. For cooling a water cooling module is available.

The machine is noise-insulated and especially designed for low-noise operation. Specific safety precautions allow the safe operation of the machine.


  • Removal of the pin for easy sample processing
  • Removal of the tongue of double- thickness samples
  • Punching from the sample tongue
  • Sandblasting for surface cleaning
  • Sample and tongue heating using high frequency for punching of high- strength steel grades