Fully-automatic solution for the challenges in quality inspection of foundries. Small footprint system for improved laboratory performance and maximum cost-effectiveness.

Area of application

Sample preparation and analysis of cast iron and steel foundry samples by grinding and optical emission spectroscopy
Cast iron and steel foundry samples, diameter 40 mm, height 8 mm, round. Control samples, diameter 45 mm, height up to 50 mm, round.
Operation mode
Linear automation


The FoundryLab is the fully-automatic solution for the challenges in quality assessment of foundries. The cost-effective system has a small footprint, significantly increases laboratory throughput and relieves the operator from mundane tasks. All components of the FoundryLab are perfectly matched and guarantee highest quality standards both in sample preparation and analysis.
The HTS 3000 cup grinding machine by HERZOG excels by short machining time, optimal surface processing and contamination-free operation. The metal analyzer SPECTROMAXx by SPECTRO AMETEK provides excellent and rapid elemental analysis at a minimum of maintenance costs. The servo transport system ensures trouble-free sample handling without need for manual intervention.
Excellent grinding technology
The HTS 3000 makes use of the advantages of the cup wheel grinding technology by HERZOG. After insertion of a new cup wheel the machine finds automatically the right height position of the cup wheel. During each grinding cycle, the cup wheel position is automatically readjusted to provide the exact material removal.
The combination of rough and fine grinding steps results in a perfectly finished surface for optical emission spectroscopy. The process of grinding and cooling by compressed air has been streamlined to guarantee short machining times. Furthermore, the use of cup wheels minimizes contamination of the sample surface.
Monitoring of cup wheel wear
The operator can easily track the current wear of the cup wheel on the integrated machine panel and the screen of the PrepMaster Entry. This allows predictive scheduling of maintenance activities and exchange of the cup wheel at the most convenient point in time.
Manual operation
Both the HTS 3000 and the SPECTROMAXx can be switched to manual mode. This allows the immediate preparation and analysis of samples without using the automatic handling system. The samples can easily be inserted from outside of the FoundryLab without need to enter the safety area of the system
Media connections
The subdistribution system supplies all components of the FoundryLab including the HTS 3000, the SPECTROMAXx, the handling system and PC’s for PrepMaster and SPARK ANALYZER. Only three media connections are necessary: Argon supply for the SPECTROMAXx, compressed air (6 bar), and a standard voltage connection.
Input of high-priority samples
The operator introduces the production samples via two independent input positions. This increases flexibility and sample throughput of the system. One of the two input positions can be assigned for the insertion of high-priority production samples. These are given preferential preparation and analysis compared to normal-priority samples.
Handling of control samples
The SPECTROMAXx proprietary iCAL calibration logic takes only five minutes for total measurement leading to a significant increase of instrument availability. The integrated control sample magazine can be loaded with up to four control samples. These samples are managed via the PrepMaster Entry control system.
Automatic table and electrode cleaning
The spark stand cleaning provides a thorough cleaning of the electrode and the surrounding stand table to avoid cross-contamination between samples. The automatic spark cleaning is proven technology already used in many other laboratories.
Smart sample handling
The servo-transport handling system ensures the fast and reliable transportation of production and control samples from one position to the other. The system is extremely robust and easy to maintain. The use of a position for sample rotation allows the application of several spark points on one sample surface.
Space-saving and maintenance-friendly
Due to its intelligent design the FoundryLab performs all functions in a limited space. Full accessibility to all components of the automation is ensured to guarantee easy maintenance and service. The FoundryLab is delivered as a ready-to-use solution for quick installation and start-up. We have taken much care to meet highest safety requirements including safety switchgears for all doors.
PrepMaster Entry
The PrepMaster Entry has been specially designed for the requirements of sample preparation. PrepMaster Entry uses a GUI where you have an excellent overview of all current, processed or queued samples in the system. The PrepMaster Entry comes with a rich variety of tools for calibration, priority management and software maintenance.
Even for less experienced personnel, SPECTRO‘s SPARK ANALYZYER Pro Software takes effortless operation to a new level. The SPARK ANALYZER presents clear choices via dedicated toolbar buttons. Instead of complicated method development application profiles are tailored to predetermined user requirements.


Barcode scanner
The optional barcode scanner simplifies the process of entering the sample identification code and ensures error-free data transfer from sample input to the spectrometer and the higher level system.
Label printer
After completion of analysis, production samples might be marked for archive purposes. The label printer allows an unambiguous assignment of the sample to the analysis results. The operator-friendly arrangement of the label printer makes it easy to refill labels and other printer consumables.
Container housing and special voltage
As an alternative to installation in laboratory facilities, the FoundryLab can also be delivered in a standard container. The container includes oxygen monitoring, air conditioning and a sample input terminal from outside the container. The container needs only three media supply lines for argon, compressed air and voltage. The standard voltage of the FoundryLab is 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz. For other voltages, HERZOG can supply an optional electrical transformer.
The sample shape is critical to successful analysis. The supplied mold with an integrated brass body has been optimized with regard to sample shape, material solidification and easy removal of the cast sample. All components in the automation are tuned to the sample shape for fast and smooth handling.

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