Presenting: HERZOG Cement Automation

HERZOG has built and installed the world´s largest cement lab automation in Asia. It consists of seven sending stations including automatic samplers and five receiving stations with automatic connections to a robot and sample preparation machines. Due to the complexity of different sample types and the demand to prevent cross contamination the automation provides a maximum of redundancy. It consists of three pulverizing mills, two presses and two fully automated fusion machines with two fusion units each.


The intelligence behind this automation is the PrepMaster Core which runs as a double PC Master/Slave system to guarantee a 100% uptime of the system. Sample routing changes and addition of new components can be easily done by the customer using HERZOG´s new software PrepMaster IDE.


Analyzers from various third party manufacturers are fully integrated and automated. Other devices like, e.g., granulometers can be added easily.


Please find the newest video of the HERZOG Cement Automation here and on the HERZOG Youtube channel.


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